What is the Coalitions qualification Criteria?

Value Administration

The HUBZone Coalition "VALUE ADMINISTRATION SERVICES" include: Project Management bid response & contract management, Proposal Writing (technical & pricing) Legal Services, Insurance, Banking Service to help finance contract, Invoicing, Human Resources for staffing needs, Graphic Designer, Training and Equipment Reseller.

The HUBZone Coalition will consider small businesses for membership if they have prove self performed past performance with an excellent track record.

what is the hubzone coalition?

The HUBZone Coalition is a membership service that provides small businesses with shared resources to secure multi-million dollar contracts. Services include: proposal writing, banking services, legal services, invoicing, workforce pool and much more.

who can apply for membership?

Who can Apply for Membership?

As part of our mission, we offer individual and group financial presentations and educational services. From housing and loan seminars to budgeting and credit monitoring, our educational services are tuned to provide you with the financial guidance you need.

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